Let it roll

Let's unclog the new decentralised distribution chain.

Our manifesto

At Keana, we believe that the logistics industry is well on its way towards a future that requires fewer heavy trucks in the streets. This is how our industry contributes to lowering humanities' carbon footprint and to making cities a more human-friendly environment.

Key in this development is the rise of the distribution hub. Big trucks simply deliver their cargo at the hub located at the edge of a densely populated area. From there, a decentralised network of so-called 'last mile' transportation companies use less polluting and less invasive smart mobility vehicles to deliver the goods. A brilliant solution indeed.

But unfortunately, it also leads to more handlers being involved in the now decentralised distribution chain, clogging up the current system.

Everyone is using different software systems, making it quite daunting to keep track of a shipment, whilst receivers still expect real-time updates on the status of their orders. Tackling this problem takes time; time that can't be spent on efficiency improvements, for example. And let's not forget the fact that everyone is increasingly held accountable for their Sustainable Development Goals. Nobody said change was easy, right?

Now that's where Keana comes in.

At Keana we offer a logistics platform that connects all possible software systems, resulting in a single, simple overview of the new decentralised distribution chain. Next to oversight, it offers insight into your carbon footprint, and it nudges the involved handlers towards more efficient planning, lowering costs.

Most essential to all this, is the fact that we embrace a human approach.

We're not forcing anyone onto our platform: Keana is system-agnostic, so people can keep on using their trusted software alongside Keana. And the efficiency improvements that we promise won't come at the cost of people involved: we'd rather not develop algorithms pinpointing delivery windows up to the second, for example.

To the contrary: we believe that fuzzy algorithms, embracing a certain amount of uncertainty and freedom in human behaviour, always lead to the best logistics solutions. Keana does the maths, leaving creativity, intuition and experience to the people using our platform.

Keana. Let it roll

Our company culture

At Keana we're always optimising…

We don't quit until things run smoothly. Where others accept the situation as it is, we see opportunities to improve things and increase efficiency. We love the optimization process.

We're not short-sighted efficiency seekers, blinded by KPI's, though. We always try to take the bigger picture into consideration in a very pragmatic way. An example:

instead of developing a typical enterprise SaaS platform that aims to replace all other existing systems, we think it's more efficient to connect the software that people are already using with one another. This way we can provide the much-needed oversight and insight into the full logistics chain, without forcing people to get accustomed to yet again a new platform. This saves irritation and time; thus, efficiency is improved by default.

… but in a human-friendly way.

To balance out our value of 'always optimising', we've embraced a human-friendly way of working.

We all know that technology can enslave people, forcing them to work faster and harder for less money. Sure, we want to make things more efficient, but not at the cost of

the users. We believe that technology is here to serve people. That's why with Keana, everyone can keep on using the software they're accustomed to, as explained earlier. And we'd rather not develop algorithms pinpointing delivery windows up to the second, for example. We do develop in order to increase efficiency that leads to more profit for all parties involved.

Colleagues holding a device

Regain a full view on your logistics chain.

Keana connects all possible transport software systems, resulting in a platform offering a single, simple overview of the new decentralised distribution chain.

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